How To Churn Out Expert Content Almost Instantly
"Create An Online Income Stream Productizing Your Knowledge - Or Other People's Knowledge..."


 How Expert Content Videos Is Different

Discover the exact secrets used by Internet gurus to make money hand over fist with their information products.
On-screen video tutorials made with absolute beginners in mind. Do the same thing, get the same results. It's that easy!
If you're a trainer, speaker, coach, teacher, consultant... here's how to 'immortalize' your service and get paid forever.























So you want to be an expert and build an online business of your own?

Everyone does!
But where do you start?
Google perhaps?
You search for a guru with a beginner course or a friend recommended it to you. 
Then what?
You sign up with hopes that this is it! 
This is the one course that is going to change everything and make things right.
You get started and if you are like most beginners, you get caught up at the very beginning.
You find that the course meant for beginners isn't really for beginners.
It's too general and its riddled with loop holes and knowledge gaps that pop up along the way.
And you know what happens after that?
You get frustrated and quit!
I know. I've been there myself.
There are so many gurus out there who say you need an E-book, do this, do that, use this software but did they specifically show you how to do to it?
You had to find another guru for that and when you are done, you go back to the first guru.
What a waste of time and energy!
Here's an easy way to eliminate the guess work in starting your expert journey and build your online business
Announcing The Video Training Product That Gives You Bulletproof Confidence In Your Expert Journey.
(So You Can Stop Guessing And Just Do It!)

Expert Content Videos is a collection of 30 on-screen, step-by-step video tutorials
on how to master the seven core tools that forms the cornerstone of virtually any online business.

These tools have been used by top 6-figure online marketers even until today!
We're talking about the must haves for EVERY new online entrepreneur. Watch these Videos online- anytime


And if that's you, this training course helps you eliminate the guesswork from scratch and you get to where you want faster, better and easier so you can focus on building the business.

When you are certain of your business move, all you need to do is to JUST FREAKIN' DO IT!


Here's The Full Video List
  •   E-book: E-book Content Formula (5x5)
  •  E-book: How To Format Your E-Book 
  •  E-book: How To Create Table Of Contents 
  •  E-book: Cover Creation With 
  •  E-book: How To convert To PDF Annd How To Password Protect Your E-book
  •  Camtasia: How To Use Camtasia To Record On-Screen Video
  •  Camtasia: Editing The Video 
  •  Camtasia: How To Remove Noise In Camtasia 
  •  Camtasia: How To Create Transitions And Animations 
  •  Camtasia: How To Render Your Video In Camtasia
  •  Powerpoint: How To Record Powerpoint Slides 
  •  Powerpoint: How To Change To 16:9 Landscape 
  •  Powerpoint: How To Create Slide Transitions And Animations 
  •  Powerpoint: How To Change And Format Images And Backgrounds 
  •  Powerpoint: How To Add Text Effect 
  •  Powerpoint: How To Add Audio/Video 
  •  Powerpoint: Convert WMV To MP4 Using AnyVideo Converter 
  •  Audio: How To Record In MP3 
  •  Audio: Tips To Record High Quality Audio 
  •  Podcast: What Is A Podcast? 
  •  Podcast: How To Create Compelling Podcast 
  •  Podcast: How To Start Recording 
  •  Podcast: How To Publish Your Podcast 
  •  Membership Site: How To Setup WP Wishlist Plugin 
  •  Membership Site: How To Create Membership Levels 
  •  Membership Site: How To Customize Your Pages 
  •  Membership Site: How To Protect Pages
  •  Print On Demand: How To Produce Your CD Using Kunaki
  •  Print On Demand: "Print On Demand" For Home Study
BUT! We aren't Done yet
We are also including
How To Market Your Content 
(Like The Gurus Do)
So you're already putting out content... But who's reading them?
If you're struggling to get eyeballs to your content then you owe it to yourself to see this...
Here's how you can leverage your existing content to
- Get more visitors...
- Attract more leads...
- And close more sales!
Announcing Content Syndication Videos
What Makes This DIFFERENT...
I'll be showing you over 9 totally unique ways to get the same content out to hundreds or thousands of TARGETED views...
... That builds you up to be an authority figure in your niche!
The Internet is full of 'me too marketers' and what makes this frustrating is that even if you're a genuine expert, it's not a guarantee you'll be successful with marketing yourself.
Content Syndication Videos solve that problem.
I've broken down complex processes and kept it short, simple and direct.
No B.S. No beating around the bush.
As long as you can follow instructions, this will work for you.
Here's The Full Video List:
  • rticle Marketing: What Is Article Marketing?
  •  Article Marketing: Why Article Marketing? 
  •  Article Marketing: Article Marketing Formula 
  •  Article Marketing: Where To Syndicate Your Articles 
  •  Article Marketing: How To Be A Guest Blogger 
  •  Reddit: Get To Know Reddit 
  •  Reddit: How To Find Your Subreddit 
  •  Reddit: Participate As Redditor 
  •  Reddit: How To Begin Publishing Ads In Reddit 
  •  LinkedIn: Why LinkedIn? 
  •  LinkedIn: How To Be An All-Star 
  •  LinkedIn: How To Use LinkedIn To Network 
  •  LinkedIn: How To Feature Your Accomplishment 
  •  LinkedIn: Advertise Using LinkedIn 
  •  Facebook: FB How To Create A FB Fan Page 
  •  Facebook: How To Create FB Groups 
  •  Facebook: How To Use FB Ads To Generate Engagement 
  •  Facebook: How To Use FB Ads To Promote Your Video 
  •  Facebook: Using FB Pixels To Track Your Ads 
  •  Hootsuite: What Is Hootsuite 
  •  Hootsuite: Integrating Your Accounts In 1 Place 
  •  Hootsuite: How To Schedule Your Post 
  •  Hootsuite: How To Monitor Your Post 
  •  Hootsuite: Stream All Your Activities 
  •  Twitter: How To Use Twitter 
  •  Twitter: How To Create Twitter Ads To Market Content 
  •  Twitter: Compelling Tweets/ Impressions 
  •  Instagram: How To Create Compelling Post 
  •  Instagram: Utilizing Instagram Business 
  •  Instagram: Instagram Ads 
  •  Instagram: Instagram Stories And Live 
  •  Instagram: Hashtags 
  •  Video Syndication: What Is The Best Video Standard 
  •  Video Syndication: YouTube 
  •  Video Syndication: Vimeo 
  •  Video Syndication: Dailymotion 
  •  Video Syndication: Wistia 
  •  Press Release: How To Write Press Release 
  •  Press Release: Press Release Writing Tips 
  •  Press Release: How To Upload To Press Release Sites 
This is  your chance to have an unfair advantage and stay ahead of the competition.
We've broken down complex processes and kept it short, simple and direct. No BS. Just easy, follow the mouse clicks.
All you need to do is get on the course, do the same thing and get the same results. Its that simple.
Absolute no brainer.
Plus When You Master The Content...
You've got a strong foundation which you can then build on top of over, and over, and over again and even teach others.
How do you build a 40-story building? By building a 40-story strong foundation.
These 40 training videos is the cornerstone of every expert level foundation.
Cut the chase and start getting results.
P.S. The difference between good content and positive ROI content is knowing how to market and publish them.
Content that is just sitting there is  as good as yesterday's news.
With Content Syndication Videos, you'll learn how to market and publish your content to generate traffic and leads that eventually turn into sales.
If you can follow simple mouse clicks, you're well on your journey to raise your standards.
Stay ahead of the pack and get an unfair advantage.
BUT We aren't DONE Yet!

Content Marketing is perhaps the closest
thing to such a notion

Content marketing is currently one of the biggest trends in digital marketing as a whole and is an area that many website owners
and brands are investing in heavily right now, thanks to the impressive returns that they are seeing.

Videos to  Show You How To Properly Make Use Of Content Marketing as our BONUS!

If you’re a visual learner or prefer to be shown something as opposed to just reading about it… you need these 10 videos also, Watch on line,anytime!
P.S. I know how hard it is when you're just starting out so I'm having Expert Content Videos at an introductory price,but also by keeping them in our membership site the price stays low.. This is my way of paying it forward as I too was once in your shoes. All I ask is for you to pass this offer to another who may also benefit from this. Start Your Expert Journey Today!
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why so cheap?

I have been at this since 1998, and my goal is to charge as LITTLE as I can potentially help as 

many people as possible and still afford to continue 

my work.

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